Build A $1K-$10K+ Per Month Virtual Assistant Business

Become A Successful Virtual Assistant With The High-End VA Membership.

This membership has been crafted to help you land your dreamy soulmate clients and build a high-end virtual assistant business that you love! Whether you desire $1,000 to $10,000 per month or beyond, we've got some cool things in this membership.

This is also the space where you'll get continual group coaching from head coach and mentor Chrissy. So if you have questions as you're starting or scaling your high-end va business, you'll be supported.

You can also find amazing people to collaborate, build friendships, and get referrals from. This membership includes an exclusive High-End VA community of go-getter virtual assistants like you.

What's Included?/What Topics Will Be Covered?

  • Every workshop, program, training, masterclass we create whether it's LIVE or EVERGREEN will be added to the membership!
  • Monthly Group Coaching w/ Head Coach & Mentor Chrissy
  • Limited Personal 1:1 Audits From Head Coach Chrissy
  • Beginner Virtual Assistant Training Videos
  • Client Attraction Strategies Training
  • 30 Day Get Clients Game Plans
  • Virtual Assistant Job Opportunities $15/hr-$85/hr
  • Advanced VA Training Videos to Scale to Six Figures & Beyond
  • Mindset & Soft Skills Training
  • Every Level of Training: Whether You Wanna Make $50K /Yr or $500K/Yr
  • Passive Income Trainings To Build A Multi-6 Figure Business & Beyond
  • Additional Income Stream Trainings -- Become A Virtual Assistant Coach
  • Affiliate Marketing Opportunity -- Make $1K to $10K+ Per Month Semi-Passively
  • Attraction Marketing Training--Build A Waitlist of Potential Clients
  • Global VA Community
  • Accountability Network
  • Collaboration Opportunity
  • Skills Training
  • Exclusive Referral Network

Go At Your Own Pace With This Membership! Very Flexible And Works Around Your Schedule!

The membership is updated approximately 1x per month with monthly group coaching and/or a training of the month.

What's Not Included?

1:1 Coaching, In-Person Experiences and Events, and Masterminds

With This Membership You Can...

  • Quit Your 9-5 Job & Start Your Dream Virtual Assistant Business
  • Make $1K to $10K Per Month As A Virtual Assistant
  • Easily Start Your Virtual Assistant Business With Our 4-Step Framework & Comprehensive Training Material
  • Determine Your Virtual Assistant Niche & Skillset
  • Determine Your Virtual Assistant Rates
  • Develop A Virtual Assistant Client Attraction Strategy Plan
  • Make Six Figures & Beyond As A Virtual Assistant
  • Easily Create Your Virtual Assistant Success Plan
  • Develop A 9-5 to Virtual Assistant Career Transition Plan
  • Create A Client Onboarding Process
  • Create A Standout Portfolio
  • Create A Virtual Assistant Marketing Plan
  • Properly Position Yourself As An Expert Virtual Assistant
  • Get Clients That Love To Pay Your Rates
  • Land Better & Higher Paying Clients
  • Land Your Dreamy Soulmate Clients
  • Build Your Dreamy Virtual Assistant Business
  • Use Attraction Marketing To Land Clients
  • Use Facebook Groups To Land Clients
  • Use Advertising To Land Clients
  • Use Instagram Lead Generation & Engagement To Land Clients
  • Use Linkedin Lead Generation & Engagement To Land Clients
  • Use Referrals To Land Clients
  • Use Networking To Land Clients
  • Use Freelancing Platforms To Land Clients
  • Use Instructional Videos To Land Clients
  • Use YouTube Channel To Land Clients
  • Scale Your Virtual Assistant Business
  • Wake Up To Client Inquiries
  • Confidently Post on Social Media Knowing Its Attraction Your Dream Clients
  • Stand Out As A Virtual Assistant

Before You Join This Membership

  • Not signing on clients consistently, not signing enough clients
  • Never knowing how much money you'll make next month
  • Only landing short term projects
  • Praying existing clients don't fire them
  • Always worrying about money
  • Don't have enough money for bills
  • Don't have any money leftover at end of month
  • Don't know how to attract clients
  • Dreading 9-5 job
  • Looking at ways to make money online
  • Making consistent $1K-$5K months but desiring to SCALE to $6K-$10K+ high cash months
  • Get overlooked by other virtual assistants
  • Constantly not getting chosen for interviews
  • Unable to close on discovery calls
  • Has total nightmare clients
  • Has low paying clients that don't cover bills
  • Working the maximum amount of hours per day and desiring additional streams of income to work less and make more

After Joining The Membership

  • Feeling happy to have consistent income coming in
  • Not having to worry about money
  • Not having to worry if you can pay the bills or afford something
  • Having spending money not just necessity money
  • Able to make plans for the future
  • Know how to sign long term clients and develop recurring revenue
  • Have multiple predictable client attraction strategies to land more clients
  • Not having to wonder when the next client will come
  • Feeling happy to have a freedom lifestyle
  • Not having to work a soul sucking 9-5 job ever again
  • Scaling to consistent high cash months $6K-$10K+
  • Confident knowing how to stand out as a virtual assistant and be the chosen one
  • Knows how to position self as an expert
  • Has the clients of their dreams
  • Has high paying virtual assistant clients
  • Has passive income streams to make money while they sleep

PRICE INCREASES to $999/Mo Oct 1st

Feedback From Past Students

About Your Coach & Mentor

Hey everyone! I'm Chrissy Michelle, The High-End Virtual Assistant Coach & Mentor.

I've been a 5-star rated virtual assistant for over 6+ years. I've charged $50/hr consistently for over 5 years, and now I charge $150/hr for my expert VA services.

I'm here to help women quit their 9 to 5 jobs and start or scale their high-end virtual assistant business.

Learn more about virtual assistance with our new YouTube Channel!

Student Results & Feedback:

2 Students Landed Their First Client Within 30 Days of Starting Their Trainings

1 Student Landed Their First Client Within 60 Days of Starting Their Trainings

The Trainings Are So Insightful!

More to Come!

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